KS Chithra’s song Rajahamsame  from the Malayalam film Chamayam is a soothing number and the singer even won a Kerala State Award for Best Singer in 1993 for this song.


Now Karachi-based woman Nazia Amin Mohammad has charmed the singer with her rendering of the above song. Nazia is a business development executive.


Hi Dears

I had just seen a beautiful rendition of my famous malayalam film song sung by a Pakistani singer. Any more info on her? Thanks Nazia Amin Mohammad. Music has no cast,creed or language. God bless you.





An understandably moved Nazia replied saying :

What More I could Have Wished For? I am in tears Right Now! The Queen of The Melodies! The Pride of INDIA! The Original Singer Respected K S Chithra Chechi Has just shared my song!

Please Check the Post!

Thank you Soooooooo Much <3 with sooooooooo much LOVE & RESPECT :*

Music has NO Borders!



Nazia has even previously tried her hand at singing Malare from the film Premam


Listen to it here: