Since yesterday, a video is going viral showing Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan being pranked on a TV show, following which the actor lost his cool.

Shah Rukh is known for his sense of humour and is a well-known prankster himself. But in this new viral video, which surfaced online, the 51-year-old actor is apparently seen having a complete meltdown after falling prey to a Ramadan TV prank hosted by an Egyptian anchor Ramez Galal. 

SRK recently visited Dubai, where he became part of a show called Rameez Underground. The TV show makers had planned a prank on the superstar. The car in which the Don actor was sitting falls into quicksand and he along with an actress get stuck in the mud.

While, the Raees actor, being the brand ambassador of Dubai tourism, started struggling to get out of the quicksand, a large Komodo dragon is seen approaching to attack him.


Shah Rukh Khan


Being the gentleman he is, Shah Rukh made sure that the actress was fine, he also tried his best to remain patient and brave in front of the Komodo dragon. It turned out later that the animal was none other than the host of the show, wearing a Komodo dragon costume. 

However, this prank did not go down well with Shah Rukh, who simply lashed out at the host, Ramez Galal. As soon as an angry the superstar was pulled out of the mud, he jumped at the host, dropped him on the ground, and was about to punch in his face. 


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While Ramez Galal kept apologising to him, SRK remained adamant and told him to tell the show producer to meet him.

The host (who also seems to be a fan of the star) was later seen pleading for forgiveness, but Shah Rukh paid no heeds to his appeal and got into his car and left. There are also reports saying that the actor was paid Rs 2 crore to be a part of the show.

Ramez Galal even posted a selfie with SRK on Twitter but it cannot be said for sure if the picture was taken before or after the prank.



Ramez has previously pranked many international celebs, like Paris Hilton and Antonio Banderas. According to the reports, Paris even sued the show for staging a fake plane crash. It was later found out by a media house that Paris was actually in on it and was pretending her reaction the entire time.


Watch the video here and decide if SRK's reaction was genuine or scripted.