In a freewheeling interview to leading Tamil TV channel, SPB finally opened about the legal tussle between SPB and Illayaraja that now threatens to disrupt the friendship shared by the two music legend.

"To be honest...I was deeply hurt by the events in the recent past. But it has not affected our relationship in any way. We got a notice from the law firm representing Illaya prohibiting us from playing out his songs," SPB told Puthiya Thalaimurai TV 

"So now we are singing songs that are outside this domain. I don't feel this has impacted us in any way," he added.

SPB who has sung some of the most successful songs composed by music maestro Ilayaraja, says at present he was happy singing songs of other composers.

"Me and Illaya have no difference of opinion,

"We are close friends. I don't know why this particular incident took place. Let destiny take its own course. I believe in keeping a humble self rather than an arrogant persona," SPB said.

"I have never believed that a song is my sole property. A song belongs to many stakeholders: A director visualises a scene, the lyricist crafts beautiful words to lend meaning to the situation, its our duty to sing it with perfection, the composer leads his team to bring soulful music to the picturisation of that song," SPB added.

SPB was served with the legal notice by Illayaraja's attorney's when he kicked started his US tour. "The Indian Copyright Act is actually complicated. Had I known I am breaking the copyright laws I would have taken him into confidence.I have no ego issues," he said.

"We began this world tour covering many nations...from Toronto, Malaysia, Singapore and others. The moment we touched US our troubles began," he added.

Clarifying that he was unaware of the copywright issues, he said: During all my routine concerts I have made it a point to check whether all the royalties have been sanctioned for the concerned songs. I have held joint concerts with Illaya. I can categorically state that I have no ego in seeking his permission."

"But after I received this legal notice I have this bit of self-respect that is pricking me, this bit of a pain that my friend has behaved this way (though i don't hold any grudge). If there is a law regarding this...he has all rights in seeking the same."

SPB said that he found the entire episode humiliating. "Just one phone call from his office would have done the trick and we would have obliged."

Instead of this getting the legal notice was humiliating, not only us our sponsors also received the same."

SPB but added that he saw the entire just one among the many unfortunate things that he had to face since coming to US. "I regarded this as one among the many unfortunate events that have surrounded me ever since I landed in the US. Apart from this issue, I lost my belongings, my passport, credit cards but these things have never bothered me. All that I have craved for and received in abundance is the audience's love and care for me."


Inspite of the legal issue that now divided SBP and Illayaraja fans, Balasubrahmanyam maintained that he had only "respect for Illayaraja."

"He is the most prolific genius I have come across. It is my humble request that we shouldn't blow up this issue. It's my heartfelt desire to see him flourish and give life to many more newcomers. This is my prayer to the Almighty."

SPB also asked his fans not to sensationalise the news. "Don't divide the music community into warring camps, what unites us is our music, let's don't endlessly analyse this and be paralysed. Think genuinely and positively."

Thank you so much for showering me with so much love for all the 50 years of my career. I don't have an identity without my fans.