Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor, considered by many to be one of the biggest names in Hindi cinema, has died after suffering a cardiac arrest in Dubai at the age of 54.

While several of her friends and well-wishers from the film industry offered their condolences over the veteran actress' death, one man who was absolutely devastated was Ram Gopal Varma (RGV).

RGV took to Twitter to share his grief, going as far as to abuse God for taking Sridevi away.

This is what he wrote:


He has also said that the best song he ever shot featured Sridevi.

He has also postponed his upcoming film with Nagarjuna tentatively titled NagRGV4FL in memory of Sridevi.

He also says that he will continue to imagine that she is still alive and well.

RGV has not been shy about showcasing his love for Sridevi in public. He also received legal notices from Boney Kapoor and the late Sridevi for his comments about the actress and for using her name as the title of one of his films where a teenager is smitten by a woman older than him.