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Shashi Kumar wins Kannada Bigg Boss Season 6

Here is what went down in the grand finale of Kannada Bigg Boss season 6

Shashi Kumar Kannada Bigg Boss Season 6 winner
Bengaluru, First Published Jan 28, 2019, 12:11 AM IST
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Bengaluru: Shashi Kumar who entered the Bigg Boss house as a commoner came a long way in getting to the final of the show. A farmer by profession, worked hard in all his tasks and won many hearts to stay in the show. Armed with a master’s degree, Shashi dispelled all stereotyping with his appearance and demeanour which earned him the title of ‘modern farmer,’ a title that he carried throughout the show.

The three finalists; Kavitha Gowda, Naveen Sajju and Shashi Kumar waited with bated breath as the second leg of the grand finale continued with the awards ceremony and performances.

The three finalists took centre stage with their performance set to the music of the ‘Geleya Geleya’ song from Chakravyuha.

Season 5 winner Chandan Shetty launched his new song in dazzling style with his performance.

Filled with laughter, tears of joy, tears of happiness and apologies and consolation the audience got more than what they were expecting from a reality TV show.

Among other awards, apart from the previous winners from the first leg of the finale, Sonu Patil bagged the ‘Prema Chari’ (believer in love) award, Akshata Pandavapura walked away with the ‘Aiyo Drama’ award. The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ award was won by Kavitha Gowda.

The host Kichcha Sudeep also took competitors and the audience down memory lane where they looked back at the time when the Bigg Boss set burnt down after season 5 and recounted the journey of the show with Sudeep from there in making Kannada Bigg Boss season 6 successful. In gratitude of the superstar Kichcha Sudeep’s support and service for the last six seasons, the host was gifted a bike.

Kavitha Gowda was the first of the three finalists to exit the Bigg Boss house through the revolving door. A grateful Naveen Sajju thanked his stars and his friends and fans for inching closer to the title. Kavitha was still content that she was among the top three and was hailed the best female contestant of season 6 by the host.

Sudeep didn’t fail to thank the many cameramen, the video editors, sound engineers, production crew, his stylists, the producers and the heads of the show before the tension prevailed once again in the typical tense Bigg Boss style after Sudeep went into the Bigg Boss house one last time in the season to escort the two finalists out on to the stage.

The long build-up of the drumroll that lasted hours came to a standstill, and everyone’s heart skipped a beat in the silent space between the music and the announcement of the winner. It was Shashi Kumar who breathed a sigh of relief amid cheers of joy.

Commiserations were in order and rightly so for the runner-up Naveen Sajju. Sudeep pledged his support to Naveen to fulfil Naveen's dream of building a studio. Naveen, the popular singer and music composer in the Kannada music industry, was always a favourite to win the show, but just missed out. The voice of the ‘Jamma Jamma’ and ‘Enne Namdu’ songs, only increased his fan base during the show. Naveen’s presence had the audience all ears in the music and noise that stirred the pot of the show, day after day, week after week.  

As the spotlight shined brightly on the prize winner of Rs 50 lakh, Shashi, it was lights out on all the drama, fighting, laughter and screams of joy in the Bigg Boss season 6 house after 100 days.


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