Bengaluru: The Kannada film actress, Ragini Dwivedi, shared her views on more actors and actresses joining politics in the country. The celebrity was attending the Times SheUNLTD. Entrepreneur Awards 2019 at Koramangala Social, Bengaluru, on Wednesday.

When asked whether she is interested in joining politics, like many other actors, the actress went on to say that it is not just the actors, who should join politics. She said that anybody who thinks they are an influencer or if they think that they can make a difference, should join politics.

The ­actress went on to say that politics is just one of the fields that will let someone make a change. The field does not matter. But the fact that you can make a difference should be the reason why anybody should take that step.

Ragini said, “Politics is great. It gives you the space to actually make a change and create a change. Why not?”

Based on reports, Ragini Dwivedi’s fee per film is Rs 28 lakhs, which makes her one of the highest paid actresses of Sandalwood. When asked about pay parity in the film industry and how it has changed over the years, she said, “They have changed. But I think there has to be constant work that needs to be put in. It just needs constant effort. I also believe that the wages and payments that are given to all the actors are according to the market.”

But Ragini went ahead to say that there still exists a huge gap in pay when it comes to male and female actors. With more people opening up to different kinds of films, including female-centric films, the wages will get better.

As an advice to youngsters entering the film industry, the star said that there is no shortcut in life and she also said, “You should believe in yourself.”