CCB officials who were purely going by the leads developed from the recent drug raid, say they took notice of claims from an activist and another celebrity who stated there was proof of the involvement of the actress and the MLA in the drugs case and also gambling. The CCB has served him with a notice.

First, Prashanth Sambargi will be summoned and he will have to depose before CCB officials and submit proofs of his allegations. Failing this, he may be let off with a warning.

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Earlier statements of producer and director Indrajit Lankesh were checked when he was questioned by the CCB. "He comes holding a book or a bag, but we don't know what he has. We are contemplating sending another notice asking him to submit proofs." said a CCB official.

Sanjjanaa in more trouble?

Actress Sanjjanaa, who is arrested in a drug case, had earlier abused Sambargi calling him a stray dog and pig. Reportedly, the actress may find herself in more trouble as he may level more accusations. He has claimed that the actress was in a casino in Sri Lanka where gambling is rampant.