The trailer of the movie was released on May 15 and within two days it reached more than 13 lakh people. However, the trailer got mixed reviews from the audiences. 

A few netizens said that some stunts from Race 3 are copied from Prabhas' Saaho. A few weeks ago, teaser of Saaho starring Prabhas of Baahubali fame was released by the filmmakers. 
In one of the scenes, two men wearing a gliding suit jump from the edge of a skyscraper and fly in style is seen in the Saho teaser. There are  guesses that man in the suit is the hero of the movie -Prabhas.

And now, In Race 3, Salman is also seen wearing a similar gliding suit and jumping from a building in a similar fashion. Watch the videos to see the glaring similarity.





Prabhas's Saaho will be releasing in 2019 and Salman"s Race 3 will hit the theatres on June 15.