When asked if there is a possibility of them coming back for a film, Shah Rukh told reporters, "Woh bhi ho jayega (That will also happen). We are here. Someone will bring a film; we will do something." 


Salman added, "It will happen. If some good, knowledgable writer comes up with something, we will do it." 


To which, the "Fan" actor said that they will need a director with lots of patience too.


The duo was speaking at the Star Screen Awards, where they co-hosted a segment.


On being quizzed how was the experience, Shah Rukh said, "It's fun. This is the way we are normally also. It's nice to have extended it. We really had fun."


Salman added, "It was really good fun. The theme is friendship so who better than him and me to host it." 


When asked if Aamir will also join them in hosting the awards next year, Shah Rukh quipped that the "Dhoom 3" actor doesn't attend awards.


Shah Rukh and Salman, 50, have had ups and downs in their friendship over the years but the latter said sometimes their "fights" were blown out of proportion.


"It happens with everyone, just what happened to us but so much of fuss was created around that. We had no contribution in that, it was (pointing at the media) and some loved ones too.