Veteran Bollywood actor Sridevi, one of Indian cinema’s most acclaimed actors, died of a cardiac arrest in Dubai late on Saturday. She was 54. Sridevi was one of the most successful and celebrated actresses in Indian movie industry. Her collaboration with Yash Chopra worked wonders. Given below are few movies of Sridevi’s most exceptional performances that you shouldn't miss:

Mom (2017)

Her last performance is also one of her best. Playing a woman who is out to avenge a horrific crime against her daughter, Sridevi infused Devki with a vulnerability and rage that made Mom so much more than a revenge saga.


English Vinglish (2012)

You wouldn’t believe that she is facing the camera in this movie after 18 years. A fantastic film and such an honest performance.


Lamhe (1991)

Another movie with an exciting plot line, a film ahead of its time, as she plays a double role in the film, you could see how differently she portrays them.


Chandni (1989)

This is visual treat to the eyes, one of the trademark movies, the typical YRF movie with melodious songs, picturesque locations and of course stunning Sridevi.


Mr India (1987)

While the film was titled Mr India, Sridevi’s role as Seema was quite pivotal to the plot. Her character starts off as an investigative journalist who is on the hunt for her next scoop and ends up being in the middle of the events that save the country from Mogambo. Sridevi’s scenes where she brings in snacks for the kids in the house was a tearjerker and her performance as a sensual diva in “Kaate Nahi Kat-te” was mesmerising


Nagina (1986)

An awful film, but what an impact! Sridevi as a snake-woman slithering on the floor dancing to Amrish Puri's music as Lata Mangeshkar sang the chartbuster "Main teri dushman, dushman tu mera". Does anyone remember anything else about this hideous Harmesh Malhotra creation?



Sadma (1983)

This is one movie where Sridevi the actress shines more than Sridevi, the superstar. Here she plays the role of an autistic girl.