Shah Rukh Khan in and as Raees – this phrase itself has a lot weight in it, doesn’t it? Of course it does! The Shah Rukh Khan maniacal fans were waiting for this film for almost a year and here he is, with his larger-than-life stature on screen, appearing as an anti-hero in the Rahul Dholakia directed Bollywood film.


If one travels back in the 90’s, one would realise that the films in which SRK has played anti-hero characters be it in Darr, Baazigar and Anjaam, the movies have turned out to be blockbuster hits. Raees was already a hit in figurative ways even before the movie hit the theatres and multiplexes on January 25, 2017. There are no doubts that Raees is going to do quite well businesswise but it has failed impress the die-hard SRKians.


But Dholakia should have realised that he has asked Shah Rukh Khan to play a role of a notorious liquor baron in Gujarat. He probably thought that that would make his task infallible. But unfortunately, Raees has disappointed because the plot had too many loose ends.


A miserable young boy grows up to become a 50-year-old SRK and Dholakia ended up pairing Mahira Khan opposite the undisputed king of romance in Bollywood. It was so much evident that the expressionless heroine failed to create that spark the SRK fans usually look for in his films.


The second half will leave the audience confused as there are too many angles to the already unpalatable plot. The first half can somehow keep the audience to their seats but as the film progresses, the plot loses its steam too.


Dholakia should have known that Shah Rukh Khan is not somebody on whom one can do a character study. He can make his fans lose their head with his messiah-type pose and self-reverential one-liners in his films as we are already used to them.


To be honest, one can actually still manage to pull off watching Raees at one go because of Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub. Siddiqui and Ayub have played to important characters in this film and they somehow save the day along with SRK for Dholakia’s mistakes.