The suit filed by Basheer states that the comments made by the latter in connection with the Malayalam actress attack case has brought defamation and disrepute to him. 

In an interview to Mathrubhumi, Basheer said, “In the first bail plea Dileep filed at the High Court, it was alleged that Manju Warrier, Sreekumar Menon and I had plotted to trap him in the case. The defamation case has been filed in this regard at the Thalassery Magistrate court."

However, on the other hand, Dileep had alleged that Basheer has a personal rivalry with him. Therefore, he tried to involve him in the case, to take revenge at the High Court and to the investigation officers.

Now, Basheer has demanded that Dileep withdraws his statement and seeks an apology through the media. If not, he should provide a penalty of Rs 10 crore.