Sandalwood is all set to witness the release of a brand new film in theatres during the pandemic. Act 1978 directed by Mansore has made the bold step of hitting the big screen after a series of re-releases since theatres opened in October after the lockdown. 

This is the third directorial of Mansore after the critically-acclaimed Harivu and Nathicharami. Touted to be a thriller that touches upon the bureaucracy, the story of Act 1978 has been penned by Mansore.

The poster of the film had raised a lot of curiosity amongst audiences with its poster where a pregnant Yagna holds a boy, a walkie talkie and has a bomb tied to her waist. The trailer further raised expectations. 


Writing ACT-1978 plot was a challenge'- The New Indian Express

ACT 1978 produced by Devaraj R and also starring Pramod Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, B Suresha and Shruthi, Act 1978 also stars 28 other artistes. “Amongst all the uncertainties that have cropped post lockdown, we have decided to release our film in theatres. Directors like me will be encouraged to make more movies of the audience come in large numbers and make the film a success,” states Mansore. 

Act 1978 will hit theatres on November 20. “These are tough times and we have gone ahead with releasing the film despite the uncertainties surrounding our industry post lockdown. Yet, we hope that audience come in huge numbers and support Act 1978 because it will encourage moviemakers like me to make more films like this one,” shares Mansore. The film has received a U certificate from the censor board.