Suresh Gopi has stated that it's Mohanlal on-screen charm and curious expressions that made him the superstar that he is today.


"There has always been a charm about Mohanlal. The expressions that he comes up with are quite different and unique. He knows how to be one with the character," the actor-turned-politician said.


Suresh Gopi also revealed that he was a college student when Mohanlal made his debut as an actor 31 years ago, and he was immediately drawn to the actor's distinctive style.


"Mohanlal came to the industry when Prem Nazir was Malayalam's quintessential hero. But then people began talking about what makes Lal different yet likeable. He brought a difference to the way Malayalam films perceived their heroes," the actor pointed out.


Mohanlal recently broke Mollywood box office records with his blockbuster 'Pulimurugan', and now has a series of big budget films lined up for release.