Actors across the Indian film industries do a lot of hard work these days to be one with the roles they play. Some study the character for months, some bulk up, while some do their own stunts.


Now, Mohanlal has done something which is a first in the Malayalam industry - the veteran actor drove a main battle tank for his upcoming film '1971: Beyond Borders'.


"I have been shown driving a lot of vehicles and even piloting an aircraft in my films, but for Beyond Borders, I drove the tank for real in one of the scenes. And I don't think there's anyone in Malayalam cinema who has done that. But that's where the thrill is; when you are the first one doing it," The Times of India quoted Mohanlal as saying.


Directed by Major Ravi, '1971: Beyond Borders' is set for an April 7 release. The multilingual also features Allu Sirish, Arunoday Singh and Asha Sharath in important roles.


Mohanlal, 56, had received widespread applause for the stunts he performed in last year's 'Pulimurugan', which went on to break all records at the Malayalam box office.