Kuldeep Singh is a cricketer and a singer of par excellence. He hails from Delhi where he was born and raised. Ever since his childhood, he was fond of two things - cricket and music. His focus in life has remained earlier in cricket and then went to singing. 

Since his teenage, he started playing the sports young and thus was seen playing for the sports complex under 16 for the Chilla sports complex and then for the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium for Delhi Under 19 Team. 

With this the pace for cricket seemed coming down as his involvement in music soared. Soon he got engaged in his advanced diploma program, which he completed in classical music from the institute called Pryaag Sangeet Samiti. Currently, he is pursuing his higher level classical music degree from the very same institute. Besides, he is  now planning to launch his solo track called Tu He Hai which he has been working on of late. Although he has been working silently on this, he is yet to talk much about it. But it seems that it will be a major release as it comes from a big music brand.

Well, the journey of Kuldeep has been interesting from cricket to singing, as he loved both the things but at the moment, his love for the latter seemed dominating as he has big plans to tread this path on a longer run. On the other side, he is in touch with cricket but not the way he used to be in his early days of his teenage life. He is going smooth in his singing and soon would make his mark in this field for sure. Let’s wait and watch!