A crucial sequence of the upcoming Mammootty movie 'Great Father' were leaked on Facebook, prompting the shocked crew of the movie to cry foul. The film was slated for release on 30 March when the mobile grab of the scene was published online.


It is strongly doubted that the video was leaked from the editing desk. Thousans of netizens viewed the video before the police blocked the Facebook page, titled ‘Police Video’, following complaints by the producers.  


"It was one of the key scenes in the film," said Shaji Nateshan, one of the producers of Great Father. He also suspected a conspiracy behind the leak.

Great Father is the directorial debut of Hafeef Adeni. The film is produced jointly by Prithviraj, Shaji Nateshan, Arya and Santhosh Sivan. Tamil actors Sneha and Arya also don key roles in the film.

Watch trailer of The Great Father: