While Jennifer Lopez landed a Golden Globe nomination for best actor in a supporting role for her portrayal of Ramona in 'Hustlers, the news made its way to a dedicated fan aboard a flight who tweeted and urged his fellow passengers to watch the movie in celebration.

"In honor of JLO's #GoldenGlobes nomination this morning, I WILL make sure everyone watches Hustlers on this flight," tweeted Joseph Longo, a culture writer aboard a JetBlue flight, reported CNN News. Longo, whose Twitter bio also jokingly says he is one of Lopez's backup dancers, followed up his original tweet writing, "Hey @JetBlue, there are definitely Oscar voters on this NY to LA flight. Please let me make an announcement!"

The tweet got the attention of the plane's pilot, who made an announcement to tell passengers that 'Hustlers' was one of their inflight movie options and to help Lopez win an Oscar.

And it caught the attention of the 50-year-old actor, which made the day for Longo, as she tweeted, "This is amazing!!!!!!! You can be my backup dancer any day. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT."

The film for which she has been selected for the award sought inspiration from the New York magazine article titled 'The Hustlers at Score' and is centred around a group of New York strippers who, in order to survive the Great Depression, team up to con male patrons.