When Koi… Mil Gaya released 17 years ago, it was something that Indian cinema had not seen before. The film and especially Hrithik Roshan’s performance was appreciated by audience and critics alike. It was one of the few films that children, adults and elders, all enjoyed together.

Hrithik played the role of an overgrown child with special needs and surprised everyone with his performance. It was a role that one would not imagine someone as good looking as him to play, at the peak of his career. But he pulled it off like no one else could.


The alien in the film, jadoo also connected with the audiences on a huge level and Hrithik has beautifully captured his character, Rohit’s friendship with jadoo in the video that he posted on social media to mark 17 years of the film’s release.

With the song, ‘You’ve got a friend in me’, Hrithik showcased adorable moments of friendship between his character and jadoo in the film.

He took to social media and wrote, “Some friendships defy space and time. Someday hopefully soon they will meet again. Miss you jaadu. #KoiMilGaya”