Dileep's movie Professor Dinkan in hitting headlines since the movie was announced. The movie, which marks the directorial debut of K. Ramachandra Babu, who is also a cinematographer in this film.

According to the reports, Dileep will be seen in a double role, one as a magician and the second has not been revealed. Namitha Pramod is the heroine. In the movie, Dileep's magic tricks go wrong and affect many lives. The reports also said Professor Dinkan is a comedy thriller.



In an interview with Onmanorama, Rajesh Mangalackal, who is the editor of the movie, spoke about some interesting aspects of the film. He said, "The first time in the history of Indian Cinema that a Malayalam movie has launched spot editing in 3D. The movie will be the first comedy-drama filmed entirely in 3D.He also added, “All equipment used in the making of the movie had been imported from abroad. The R&D (Research and development) took three long years. Therefore there was a significant delay in the schedule.''


"The graphics and the VFX team who worked for Baahubali also joined us," Rajesh said. The movie is aimed at children and family audiences. According to the reports, The team is expecting to release the movie by December 7. Professor Dinkan is produced by Sanal Thottam under the New TV banner.