Oscar winner AR Rahman once recalled that his father died the day his first film got released but what was more shocking is that the singer revealed that his family was a victim of black magic.

Rahman's father RK Shekhar, a musician predominantly working in the Malayalam industry mainly in stage plays died on the same day when his son's first film was being released.

Rahman was just 10 years then and he heard family members discussing cancer ailment striking his father from one end and black magic from the other end.

During last days of his father battling life at the hospital, the family came across Sufi scholar and they revealed this fact. Few days later, Shekhar died.

Seven or eight years later, the family came across the same Sufi scholar and then they chose the path of faith and conversion.

Change of religion did not matter nor there it was of concern to Rahman as he had no time and was busy making a living with his music.

Rahman revealed that the family used to rent his father's musical equipment and the family managed with whatever income they made.

Later, his mother advised him to take up music and play instruments rather than renting it.