Baahubali actor Venkata Prasad, who is also the manager of Prasad's IMAX multiplex in Hyderabad, was arrested after a woman alleged that he had sexually exploited her on the promise of marriage.

A 33-year-old woman, who works with Venkata Prasad, had complained that he had sexually exploited her for seven years and that he had started ignoring her when she asked him to marry her. The woman also alleged that Prasad is now having a relationship with another woman.


According to Gulte, the woman was married and had been living separately from her husband for a long time. Later, after 10 years of marriage, the couple had filed for divorce. And even before they could get separated legally, Prasad came into the woman's life and allegedly started an affair with her on the promise of marrying her soon after she gets the divorce. 

Shockingly, the woman claimed that Prasad had made her pregnant twice, and on both times, he reportedly forced her to abort the baby. In the reports, she further mentioned that he had threatened to kill her when she persistently asked Prasad to marry her. 


Following the complaint, the police booked a case against the actor and took him into custody. During the inquiry, police reportedly found out that he had cheated several women in the past. However, the investigation is still on.

Venkata Prasad played the role of Shiva's (Prabhas) father, and the head of a tribe lived at the foot of the massive waterfall. It was a very small role that he played with not much screen space and very fewer dialogues.