Bollywood actress Disha Patani who was recently seen in Baaghi 2 with alleged beau Tiger Shroff has opened about her life before entering the silver screen. The movie is one of the biggest openers of 2018 and is being appreciated by the audience.

Disha had no godfather or any links in the film industry. Battling constant rejections and struggling to get into big screen she has come a long way.

In an interview with Hindustan Times she spoke about her 'struggling days in the industry', doing a sequel and much more. She also said that her trying times had taught her to be super careful when it comes to making choices in her career. 


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Disha said, "I'm not from a filmi background, so I don't know if my films will always work and if people will give me another chance. I learned early that rejections make you stronger. Each time you feel something is missing in you, you get that motivation to work harder."

She added, "I'm a very positive person. I left my studies and I came to Mumbai. For a college girl to come to a new city not knowing anyone wasn't easy. I was living alone, making my own money and never asked my family for money. I came to Mumbai with ₹500 and after a point, I didn't have any money."

Disha shared her struggling days by saying, "I used to go for a lot of auditions, mostly for TV commercials, as there was this constant pressure on me that if I don't get a job this month, how I will pay my rent. Everything I did was a job until I started to enjoy acting. My life was like work, come home and sleep! I'd get so bored if I wasn't working and I'd think what am I doing in my life." 

Disha admitted that she was waiting for something that'll help her improve her acting skills and people's perspective about how they look at her. "I want them to see me as an actor."