Rakhi Sawant during a programme by one of the private TV channels had compared the writer of the epic book Ramayana to Mikha Singh in Ludhiana.


The 38-year-old Rakhi had said that she had used the example of Valmiki’s change of soul from robber to sage just to explain the change in her friend and singer Mika Singh when he was accused in an assault case.


Reacting to the arrest warrant, Rakhi had told that she is an innocent person, unlike Salman Khan. “I do social work and act in movies, I am innocent, and no one will get anything by filing a case against me,” she had told the ANI.


However, her comment on Valmiki had insulted the people from Valmiki community, who filed a case against the actress.


The case against her was filed in the last year. Rakhi had failed to appear before the court even after sending repeated notices. The court had asked her to appear in the court on March 9 too. As she failed to do so, the court has issued an arrest warrant.