Now the death of the actress' is again in the news after Ved Bhushan, a retired Delhi Assistant Commissioner of Delhi Police, claimed that it was all a planned murder.

Ved Bhushan, who now runs a private investigation agency, has made sensational revelations, saying that Sridevi's death cannot be forgotten as 'accidental drowning' as it seemed like a 'planned murder'.

"It is effortless to put someone in bathtub forcefully until victims breathing stops without leaving evidence of the crime, and label it as an accidental death. This looks like a planned murder. Sridevi died mysteriously, and questions need to be answered, some questions posed after her death were relevant and logical. We felt something was hidden," he added.

He further added, "With all respect towards Dubai law, we were not satisfied with their report on Sridevi's death. We wanted to know what happened exactly. There were many questions left unanswered. We went to Dubai to collect all the facts."

Ved also revealed that he visited the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel in Dubai to probe the incident, but wasn't given permission to enter the room where Sridevi had stayed and died. Ved said that he recreated the entire scene in an adjacent room and concluded that there's some mystery behind the actress' death.

The forensic report released by the Dubai police after managing an autopsy on February 26 stated that the actress died of accidental drowning, with traces of alcohol in her body. Ved is still examining the case, and his conclusion is awaited.

Supreme Court had recently rejected a plea by filmmaker Sunil Singh requesting an investigation into the mysterious death of Sridevi. After winning the National Award for her film ‘Mom’, the actress was posthumously honoured at the Cannes Film Festival 2018 recently.