Abhishek Upadhye or DJ Dr A is a very well-known personality among today's youth. As he's from Bangalore, many people love his music. For DJ, music is life and happiness. 

He cannot imagine life without it. In fact, his love for music is such that he wishes every moment in life is expressed with different songs. DJ Dr A believes music is the solution to everything and cheers up people. It's an escape for everyone from the chaotic world we all live in.

For Abhishek, 2019 has been super amazing. Last year, he made a record of playing for 72 hours non-stop. He earlier had a Guinness World Record of playing non-stop for 52 hours. But this was another massive feat for him. People went crazy hearing him play, and everyone had a gala time, which they will never forget.

Along with being a talented musician and loved by his admirers, DJ Dr A is appreciated even by several international stars. His work has left artists like Afrojack, Makj and R3Hab impressed. So far, he has released 3 music albums, done 50 remixes and five official remixes. His fans are always looking forward to hearing something new from him.

Currently, life has come to a standstill for everyone. But DJ Dr A has been working every day to make sure once this is over, he treats his fans with fantastic music. He wants people to forget the stress of 2020 and enjoy their life with great music once the pandemic ends.