Sad. No one asks animals if they want to play the role assigned in the movie. Especially those tamed in the name of training for circus performances are beaten with tools, including whips and electric rods. Many films have used animals for circus-like performance in the movies too.
But, thanks to animal activist and BJP leader Maneka Gandhi and PETA, who gave voice to the problems of animals and restricted from making performance acts from animals in the movies. Their initiative led to a law which made cruelty to animals in films as a non-bailable offence.
Have a look at these 7 movies where animals have been used extensively.  
Hathi Mere Sathi


Hathi Mere Sathi, one of the biggest hits of 1971, starring Rajesh Khanna used the elephant extensively. In the movie, elephants were seen performing stunts, dragging cars and also showing some dance moves. In one of the songs Nafrat Ki Duniya Ko, many animals were gathered to surround the elephant's body!
Khoon Bhari Maang

Here, actress Rekha’s pets (in the film) a dog and the horse played a significant role in the climax of a film. Rekha's pet and helped her fight the enemies. The dog and the horse appear just at the right moments in the movie when the audience needed an extra dose of emotion. 

Remember this dialogue, "Chal Dhanno aaj teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawal hai…" And Dhanno, the ghodi (Dhanno the Horse) ran so fast that the actress Hema Malini could give the goons of Gabbar Singh a run for their money! And on the other hand, she was also made to work as the cupid between Dharmendra and Hema. Now you can imagine the poor Dhanno had so much of responsibilities! And of course, Gabbar and horses his team rode every now and then. 

The eagle was as much a part of this blockbuster movie Coolie as Amitabh Bachchan himself and the bird even saved the hero from the villains. The film's poster with the bird perched on Amitabh's wrist says it all. 

The film starred Govinda and Chunky Pandey and their pet monkey Bajrangi. In the movie, the monkey dances, drives a car and performs some stunts wearing funny clothes. Do you know, monkeys are trained to dance and acting through beatings and food deprivation.
Nagin and Nagina


Both the films have one ichha-dhari nagin and several actors dancing to her tunes! The movies included cobras, yes they are dangerous as they are a very poisonous. It's tough to train them as they don't understand commands. Only a snake charmer can do this job well by hypnotising the snake.
Maine Pyar Kiya


In the movie there was an entire song addressing, a pigeon can only happen in Bollywood. Where the lead actress Bhagyashree pleases the bird to deliver her love letter to her lover Salman Khan, it was the first time in Bollywood a pigeon was given a major role in the movie. We can imagine how many retakes the poor bird had to go through to get a perfect shot. I feel sorry for the kabootar.