Reigning president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly has been in the headlined for the past couple of days after suffering a mild heart attack. Nonetheless, he is in a stable condition right now after undergoing medical treatment.

It was on Saturday morning when he complained of severe chest pain after a morning workout session. He was rushed to the Woodlands Hospital in Kolkata, where he was diagnosed to have suffered a mild heart attack, as he underwent an Angioplasty. On Sunday, he remained stable throughout the day, while another Angioplasty is expected to be performed on Tuesday, with Cardiac specialist, Devi Shetty joining the doctors' team.

Meanwhile, according to a recent report by ESPNCricinfo, the hospital has confirmed that Ganguly would be discharged on Wednesday. Upon being released, he would be "monitored by doctors and nurses on a daily basis at home", besides being on oral medication.

"Sourav Ganguly is doing well as clinically expected by all of us. He slept well, he had his breakfast, he spoke to us and he's seen by his team of doctors. Dr Devi Shetty (cardiac surgeon) is here and he has not only spent time with Sourav but also with the team of doctors physically today," MD and CEO of Woodlands, Dr Rupali Basu told the reporters on Tuesday.

"We reconfirm the consensus decision from the very experienced medical board with 13 members and two expert opinions - total 15 doctors from abroad and India - that we have decided that Sourav will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, January 6th, 2021. He will be on oral medications and will be monitored by doctors and nurses on a daily basis at home. Sourav will, of course, be ready for the next course of procedures or medical interventions after about two to three weeks," she added.

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Meanwhile, Dr Shetty reckoned that the problem suffered by Ganguly is a common problem for all Indians. "Sourav didn't have any major problem. This is the problem which most Indians experience at some point of their times, that is blockage in the coronary artery," he said.

"Did he have a heart damage? No. He had a blockage and he was getting some discomfort, but at the right time, he landed in the right hospital and he had the right treatment. His heart is today as strong as it was when Sourav was 20 years old. I want everyone to understand that he didn't have a major cardiac event, which has damaged his heart. He has a very, very strong heart," he added.

"The consensus among all the doctors is that he had an angioplasty, he should go home and get back to work. Sourav can get back to work from home as soon as he reaches home. At some point of time in the future he may require an angioplasty which is like a routine angioplasty done in most hospitals of the country. It is nothing very complicated or life-threatening," he continued.

"Medically speaking, we believe it's a good idea for him to go for an angioplasty. That decision we have left it to him. We thought at least two weeks he has to wait then he can take a call," he concluded.