It was Saturday night when Indian skipper Virat Kohli sent out a tweet, wishing the nation on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. However, things did not turn out good for the Delhite.

Kohli was noted saying in his tweet, “Please remember, do not burst crackers to protect the environment and have fun at home with your loved ones with a simple diya and sweets on this auspicious occasion.” However, Kohli was criticised for being a hypocrite, as his private jet was mentioned, which apparently emits more radiation than a firecracker.

Also, Kohli’s Indian Premier League (IPL) team, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) was discussed, where the side was seen bursting crackers. Kohli was even targeted for this, urging his teammates to be cautious before addressing the nation on the same.

Nonetheless, RCB was quick enough to clarify on the same. The franchise sent out a tweet, stating that they used archival footage from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to display the firework celebration.

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“Hope you are all enjoying a happy and peaceful Diwali with family and friends. To clarify, the fireworks shown in RCB’s recent celebratory video was archival footage of UAE’s Flag Day celebrations. RCB continues to work hard to protect the environment like we’ve over the years,” the tweet read.

Meanwhile, Congress leader and spokesperson Udit Raj, too, sent out a tweet, where he called Kohli the dog of Anushka. However, it was done in return to troll the mass, who were busy criticising Kohli.

“Anushka does not have to take care of her dog, Virat Kohli. No one is more faithful than a dog. Kohli had taught you looters, scoundrels and fools that humanity is at risk from pollution. You will have to get your DNA checked, whether you are native here or not?” Raj’s tweet read.

"Virat Kohli's suggestion is welcome, but some rascals started abusing him. I am sure the government is watching it as if there is a silent consensus. Action has not been taken against them yet. They cannot be human. They are calling the dog even worse. There is no one more loyal than the dog," Raj wrote in another tweet.