New Delhi: The ministry of information and broadcasting on Tuesday set up a dedicated Twitter handle for sharing news and updates about the novel coronavirus. The account is named #IndiaFightsCorona and uses the handle @CovidnewsbyMIB.

In its first tweet, the handle has shared the helpline numbers for information on the pandemic.

"Dear citizens, We should not get "infodemic'' while fighting against #CoronaOutbreak. It is important to be updated with correct information on #COVID19. Follow @COVIDNewsbyMIB for authentic information and all updates on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)," read the first tweet, which also carried a photo with the government's helpline number written on it.

In a following tweet, #IndiaFightsCorona told users, "Don't fall prey to myths about #COVID19. Rather be a myth buster and spread correct information. Follow @COVIDNewsByMIB to smash false facts on #CoronavirusPandemic." The tweet had an image of a question on whether consumption of lemon or turmeric prevents coronavirus, a common misconception that has been circulated in recent weeks.

In addition to information about myths about the coronavirus, #IndiaFightsCorona is expected to be a single-window source on latest number of coronavirus cases, relief measures by the government and economic measures.

#IndiaFightsCorona also tweeted a document from the finance ministry detailing “important features and time limits which get extended by Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation of Certain Provisions) Ordinance, 2020”