New Delhi: A few contractual doctors of Hindu Rao Hospital in north Delhi have expressed their desire to leave the facility during the coronavirus outbreak, NDMC commissioner Varsha Joshi said on Wednesday.

She took to Twitter, sharing an 'order' stating that some doctors and nurses have tendered their resignations in view of the coronavirus pandemic, but they will not be accepted.

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) commissioner said the "order was issued against directions of DHA and without the knowledge of additional commissioner and the commissioner. Disciplinary action will be taken for this disobedience."

"From my side, ANY unwilling worker is MORE than welcome to resign. Especially in a pandemic," Joshi said in a series of tweets.

The only remotely coronavirus-related activity presently going on at Hindu Rao Hospital is screening, for which more than enough personal protective equipment (PPE) kits are available, she claimed.

"More PPE kits are being procured directly from the manufacturers. We will evidently never undertake any activity which risks our staff," she added.

Joshi also shared pictures of a few doctors working at the hospital wearing PPE.

"Only a couple of contract doctors have expressed a desire to leave. Their applications will be processed tomorrow itself. Plainly, their contract WILL NOT BE RENEWED IN FUTURE," she said.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Delhi rose to 152 on Wednesday.