May 30 was a dark day in the history of Telugu cinema. Dasari Narayana Rao, one of its most powerful directors who had revolutionised the domain with his out-of-box thinking, passed away at the age of 75. Rajinikanth's Tweet on the death of the director surmises his power and influence over the industry.

Prolonged illness and kidney failure are reported to be the main reasons behind his death. In January this year, his deteriorating health condition made headlines and it took him two months before he was stable enough to be discharged from the hospital. He met megastar Chiranjeevi, Allu Arvind and Mohan Babu who presented him with the Allu Ramalingaiah award on May 4. His condition was reported to be critical and was admitted at a private hospital in Hyderabad earlier this week. 

He has directed 151 films as a director and 53 films as a producer and had also entered the Limca Book of World Records for directing the most number of films. He had a knack for highlighting gender and class discrimination prevalent in the society through films like Bobbili Puli, Osey Ramulamma, Premabhishekam, Meghasandesham among many other hits.

As a film maker, he urged directors and youngsters to take interest in the subtle aspects of life and replicate that in cinema. He urged them to make meaningful cinema that could inspire people and their thought processes. He had once expressed his passion toward cinema by saying, "the only thing I know in my life is cinema. I don’t know anything else. During Manashulantha Okkate time, NTR said, 'Brother, If you want to become number one in your profession, you need to sacrifice things you like. Everybody gives priority to their family life than to their profession. But I make my profession a priority. You are also doing the same. I can guarantee that you will become number one in the future due to the same quality.' That's the reason why I want to keep making films."