The TDP, which already had won six seats, on Monday bagged the remaining three seats in Kurnool, Nellore and Kadapa districts - considered to be the YSRCP strongholds.

YSCRP suffered its most humiliating defeat in Kadapa - a YSRCP bastion, where Jagan Reddy’s uncle and former Minister YS Vivekananda Reddy lost his seat to TDP candidate B-Tech by a margin of 34 votes. With the reports of the defeat pouring in, the YSRCP leader Jagan alleged that the ruling party "purchased" voters by spending over Rs 200 crore.

"Chandrababu has become an expert in buying votes and he excelled in it in this election," Jagan told local news channels.

"Is this (buying votes) a victory," he questioned.

In Nellore, TDP’s Vakati Narayana Reddy won by 85 votes and in Kurnool, TDP’s Shilpa Chakrapani won by a difference of 64 votes. The party had won the remaining six seats, namely Srikakulam, East Godvari, West Godvaari (two seats), Chittoor, Anantapur unopposed.

The Biennial Elections to Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council were held on March 9, 2017 and those for Telangana were held on March 17.