New born baby was found in RTC bus stand toilet basin in Tirumala

andhra-pradesh | Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
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  • A just born baby was pushed into the toilet basin of RTC bus stand in Tirumala
  • Devotees identified the dead baby and informed the authorities

In a distressing incident, a just born baby was pushed in the toilet basin of RTC (Road Transport Corporation) bus stand public toilets in the pilgrimage city of Tirumala.

When the devotees went to the public toilets in RTC bus stand, they found the baby head protruding from the toilet basin. Someone tried to push the baby in the toilet but since the head couldn’t fit in the basin, they left the baby and went away.

The devotees informed the authorities and the sanitation staff pulled the baby out and handed it over to the local hospital authorities.

The incident moved the hearts of the devotees. The Tirumala police took over the investigation of the dead baby. 

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