Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has selected a diamond design for the construction of State Legislature (Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council). The high court building of the new Andhra Pradesh is to be in the form of a stupa. This was immediately shown to the chief justice of the high court.


The designers of the Amaravathi, Foster and Partners, met the CM in his camp office on Wednesday and presented a detailed design of the State Legislature and the high court.


At first Norman Foster’s diamond design was presented as the high court design which the CM studied in detail. After which he suggested using the Buddha Stupa design for the high court.


CM commented saying, “The Assembly building, at the centre of the city plan, should be inspired by the historic Kohinoor, which happens to be born in

this very land. The Andhra Pradesh people have lost a valuable diamond. Now they would be happy seeing their Legislature in the form of a diamond. So also a stupa resembles happiness. People will only feel happy when there is justice. Every individual who steps into the stupa-shaped High Court should feel that justice would be served there.’


He said that out of the nine cities built in Amaravathi city one will be the judicial city. In the coming days, his desire was to see this city in the same glory as of London and Hong Kong. He said they would invite the prestigious Nalsar University and world reputed law agencies. The intention is that the world’s best law education and law advice should be made available in Amaravathi.


The CM was of the opinion that the ‘City Square’ being built at the tip of the ruling city and facing River Krishna should be the most attractive of Amaravathi. He asked Foster’s team to design a city square in such a way. Foster’s team designed the CM’s and Governor’s residences on the two sides of the city square but he didn’t like it so he asked them to change their design.


He asked them to incorporate restaurants, hotels, cafeteria, shopping malls, movie theatres, sports, recreation centres and convention centres in the city square. The people should have the feel that everything is available in the city square. It would be better to keep this as wide as possible and so asked them to shift the residences of CM and Governor to the banks of the river.


After perusing every detailed master plan of different aspects of the city plan, like environment friendliness, energy infrastructure and the waste disposal system, the Chief Minister gave the final nod. The architecture firm will meet the ministers in two days, to officially commence the execution, after they meet with the Chief Justice tomorrow, for more inputs.