According to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s latest National Family Health Survey (NHS-4) reveals that Andhra Pradesh has the highest number of teenage pregnancy cases among all the states in South India. After Andhra Pradesh, Telangana has the second highest number of teenage pregnancy cases in this region. 


The ministry collaborated with International Institute of Population Studies (IIPS) to conduct this survey. In Andhra Pradesh, this survey was carried out by GFK Mode Private Limited that collected information from 10,265 households, 1,398 men and 10,428 women between May 6, 2015, and August 4, 2015. 


The survey unveils that 11.8 percent female between the age of 15 to 19 years were either mothers or pregnant at the time when the data was collected in Andhra Pradesh. 


The survey also reveals that the number of teenage pregnancy cases is higher in rural areas as compared to urban areas in the state. In rural areas, the number of teenage pregnancy cases was 13.2 percent as opposed to 8.8 percent in urban areas. 


Apart from teenage pregnancy, the other cause of concern for Andhra Pradesh is Infant Mortality Rate (IMR). For every 1000 live births the IMR of this state is 35, and in rural areas (40) this number is double than urban areas (20). The Under Five Mortality Rate is 41 in every 1000 live births.


The survey also shows that in the period of 5 years before the data collection 91.6 percent institutional births were recorded in this state. In Kerala, this number of 99.9 percent and in Tamil Nadu it is 99.2 percent. Also, birth using C-section surgery in Andhra Pradesh is 40.1 percent on an average which is way higher than the national average of 28 percent.


The NHS-4 survey also covers various crucial healthcare related issues like nutritional status among adults, blood sugar level, hypertension, anaemia, HIV/AIDs and so on and so forth. The details of this survey are an indicator of matters that requires government’s attention and policy formations.