The Police Department has found a new way to prevent accidents. Accordingly, from 1 am to 4.30 am, the police stop the vehicles on the state and national highways and ask the driver to wash his/her face.

This new initiative by the police has been titled ‘Face Wash and Go.’ The department already has a road safety project mobile app. Through this app, the police send safety measure alerts to people driving at night, especially in the accident-prone zones.

So, if you are travelling to Andhra Pradesh, don’t be scared if the police personnel stops your vehicle. Just wash your face and drive carefully.

The data has revealed that about 2 lakh people are killed due to road accidents in the country. In Guntur alone, about five accidents occur on the highway from Tadepalli to Chilakaluripet.

The Face Wash and Go programme has received a good response from the people. The police records have said that this has even reduced the number of accidents on the highways.

The police even encourage the drivers to have a cup of tea or coffee before resuming driving. They even have a talk with the one driving the vehicle and advise them to take the family/passengers safely to the destination.