Andhra Pradesh is trying to surpass Telangana in all possible ways. But it looks like; it is far from shining as its important cities lack basic infrastructure. For example, Guntur is facing ‘blackout’ for four days now.

The citizens of Guntur are forced to live in the dark for four days now as the power supply was cut off due to heavy downpour.

The weather department officials have said that due to heavy rains many trees were uprooted resulting in a disruption in the power supply. The officials have started to restore the electric supply, but even after four days most of Guntur is in the dark.

Currently, small teams of 25 linemen and engineers are working towards setting the problem right. A control room is in operation to monitor the situation. A helpline number 18004254099 has been announced for those who want to file complaints with regard to power supply problems.

Meanwhile, three people travelling in a car had a miraculous escape as a huge hoarding fell on the car near Hindu College. The travellers were saved by a whisker as the board was falling on the car they jumped out of the car.

Many hoardings were seen falling on the road, and traffic movement was affected. The public was complaining that the Guntur Municipal Corporation had allowed illegal hoardings to be placed. Despite complaints, the administration did not take any step to remove these illegal hoardings which pose a threat, especially during the rainy season.

As reported by Deccan Chronicle people said that they were not able to go to work due to a lack of sleep. The blackout made it difficult for the people to go about their daily work.

The administration must be held responsible as the branches growing over the power cables were not cut. Nor any measure was taken to warn the people to stay away from the road during the heavy rains.

Though Guntur city is projected as one of the main cities of Andhra Pradesh, it could not withstand heavy rains. Apart from building the capital city of Amaravati, much work is needed to be done to provide basic facilities and infrastructure in other cities.

Thus the CM Chandrababu Naidu’s administrators should understand that only cities and IT hubs cannot make a state stronger. Measures should be taken to build all the districts from the grassroots. So, taking time off building Amaravati, attention should be given to solve the problems of other districts too.