There is free rein of marijuana cultivation and transportation in Andhra Pradesh, especially around Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts. Government estimate that more than ten thousand acres are being used to cultivate marijuana.

Police identified the involvement of Excise officers in Visakhapatnam district in the illegal transportation of the drugs. The news came to light when the police stopped a vehicle from Visakhapatnam agency area loaded with marijuana.

The culprits said Gajuvaka Assistant Superintendent Ravindra Prasad is involved in the transportation of drugs. Previously he worked as Inspector in Paderu where he was introduced to the marijuana thieves.

Earlier Ravindra Prasad was warned by the higher authorities for involving himself in the illegal transportation of drugs on the complaint of his colleagues. Another Excise inspector and two constables are also involved in these illegal activities and the police plan to file a case after collecting full information.