The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh received a great welcome in Dallas. In his speech at a public meeting, there, Chandrababu Naidu chose to highlight the progress that India and AP is looking forward to. He said that Andhra Pradesh would be one of the three top states in the country by 2022 and the best state in the country by 2029 and by 2050 it would become the world's highest quality destination.

 "We have come out with the help of the capital, but with the help of the farmers, we are building the capital Amaravati," he said. Amaravati’s architecture has been described as the pride of the state. Building a city and building the capital is different and the challenges in the capital structure are to be overcome. On those lines, the meeting also was for encouraging all Telugu NRIs to adopt villages and develop Navyandhra Pradesh. The AP government would provide matching grants for any projects in villages.

"Today, we have taken steps to teach English to Telugu speakers, with special coaching, special classes, engineering colleges and hi-tech city, not just to limit it to India alone but also for the opportunities to come to the United States," the Chief Minister said, emphasising why learning English should be a must in schools in AP.

Since the bifurcation of the state into Telangana, AP has been constantly tackling the challenges that come with it. Making the state a viable place for investment is one of Naidu’s top priorities.  In fact, the much-anticipated Apple's entry into AP was impressed upon with Naidu meeting with the company's Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams.

Naidu told Williams: "This is the right time for Apple Inc to invest in India as it has been growing consistently". He emphasised to Williams how the state was very business oriented and a productive and technologically inclined population. Among other companies, Texas-based Dell has also expressed interest in setting up a data centre in the Andhra Pradesh capital.