Stars to blame for all obstacles being faced by Chandrababu Naidu?

First Published 20, Sep 2017, 7:53 PM IST
Are Chandrababu Naidus stars not favouring him
  • Chandrababu’s three and half years governance saw many failures
  • His every project has been doomed to  failure though he sought auspicious time from the pundits
  • According to pundits, his time of taking charge as Chief Minister itself is was not favourable
  • This created a lot of controversy during those days and everyone feels that could be the reason for his bad patch

According to Hindu pundits, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s time is bad as the time when he took charge of office was inauspicious. From then on, every work he attempted faced obstacles and he didn’t succeed. Though Chandrababu is not directly responsible for all these, since he is the CM, he has to take the brunt of every failure.

Chandrababu has also become very conscious about astrology and of good and bad times, giving prominence to vaastu. When he took charge of his office in Hyderabad Secretariat, at first North H Block was made ready for him, but at the last moment he complained of bad vaastu and changed his office to the 8th floor in L Block. But even after every puja, CM stayed there for only 8 months.

Then he shifted his office to Vijayawada and became busy building Amaravati, the new capital of AP. But even during laying its foundation stone, controversy rose about the auspicious time as many pundits considered it to be not a good time. Even after two years of laying the foundation, no work has proceeded in the construction of capital city and everyone blames the time of laying stone.

During Godavari Pushkar last year, even when the CM inaugurated the program during an auspicious time, 29 people lost their lives in the stampede on the first day.

Another of his failures was the temporary Secretariat and Assembly buildings. Since the time of construction of capital city is indefinite, CM built a temporary Secretariat and Assembly but from day one, many controversies arose regarding construction and leakage.

From the moment of laying the foundation of the capital, many foundation stones have been laid but none of them have started. The reason is lack of funds with the centre turning a deaf year to CM’s pleas.

The construction of the capital is in now in a dilemma and is indefinitely postponed.