In what could be a serious breach of freedom, the Andhra Pradesh government allegedly has installed hidden cameras and increased number of CCTVs at the State Secretariat to keep a close eye and of course, ear on its employees.

The officials have alleged that spy cameras have been installed in corridors, cabins, canteens and even computers are used to eavesdrop. Employees feel offended that their freedom is being impinged by the government with surveillance cameras in the whole area.  

Employees express their grief that the government has installed micro cameras in the computers making it inconvenient for them even to converse with their colleagues. A senior official told the local news sources that such an action was an insult to their character and an encroachment on their freedom of life.

Lashing out against the AP government some Secretariat officials said that the government has more cameras then what is there on Big Boss.

"Bigg Boss show has only 60 cameras but Secretariat has 240 cameras," the official said. They are being closely monitored, every conversation, and who comes and goes is being watched closely, the officials alleged.

Secretariat employees and officials expressed their grief over the partial attitude of Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu towards them. The introduction of E-Office made it impossible for the staff to have holidays as they keep working even during holidays. With the implementation of biometric system, the government is more bothered about the attendance rather than the quality of work.  

The employees expressed that Chandrababu has always been anti-employees with not implementing DA and forcible retirement at 50 years.