Using the church as his shield Andhra Pradesh pastor Didde Ebenezer committed a lot of crimes. Chief among them being sexually exploiting young girls and women of his parish.

A Deccan Chronicle report talks of how the when the Andhra Pradesh women’s commission chairperson Nannapaneni Rajakumari, during her visit to Jagannadhapuram village of Tadepalligudem mandal in West Godavari was told of the abuse the women received at the hands of the pastor.

Currently, the man has shifted his base from the village to Madhuru  and is alleged to have kept four women in forced confinement with him. On hearing this, the women’s commission chairperson ordered that the police arrest Ebenezer and free the captive women.

Didde Ebenzer has not done this the first time. In 2015 a case was registered against him in the local police station on grounds of misbehaviour with women. He managed to evade the law using his influence in the area.

Ebenezer, reports DC, would target young, good looking women, frighten them in the name of religion and that evil would befall them if they did not listen to him. The villagers told Rajakumari of how he would make women stand in the nude and say candle-light prayers.

Earlier in September, there was another case of pastor abuse. The Renigunta rural police arrested Pastor Panneer Selvam, 54, for abusing a  minor near his house and allegedly forced himself on her. He had