Anantapur district SP (Superintendent of Police) GVG Ashok Kumar in his cleaning process of the police department transferred 45 SIs (Sub Inspectors) in the first list who have been rooted in the same place and will prepare another list very soon.

According to sources, Ashok Kumar took charge on 3 July 2017 and observed the work of each SI based on their performance of duties. He took steps in transferring SIs in the first phase and will give out the second list in 15 days.

Some of the SIs in the city and rural areas have been longstanding in the same place. Some of them turned a blind eye to matka, cricket betting and gambling giving them full support.  

After he took charge as SP, there was a case of family suicide in Tadipatri where Rama Subbareddy caught in the gambling net and submerged in huge credit murdered his wife and two children and then committed suicide. SP took serious action against gambling and matka after this incident.

With the onset of local organisation elections next year, SP is preparing a list from each police station as to which party leaders are contesting in each village and their financial status, livelihoods and past cases. He planned to counsel them and warn them of opening their rowdysheet if there was any hindrance to security. He is also in the process of preparing a list of gunmen and revoke their license if necessary.

Ashok recovered Rs 1.28 crores including jewellery in the last three months from thieves and robbers and is handing over them to the victims. He uploaded information of the list of thieves in the past 15 years along with their photos onto the internet. He kept an eye on the old thieves with the aim of eradicating stealing.

“Every officer will receive good results when he works with everyone. When I took charge as SP, there were many pending theft cases, it is not enough to solve them but should handover the recovered amount to the victims. We are training the police to do justice to the victims. Our main aim is curtail faction, rowdyism and illegal activities. We are making special arrangements to eradicate matka, gambling, and cricket betting,” said GVG Ashok Kumar.