Aghoris react to Kancha Ilaiah’s book, says he must be punished for attacking Hinduism

First Published 28, Sep 2017, 6:05 PM IST
Aghoris react to Kancha Ilaiahs book
  • Aghori reacted to Kancha Ilaiah book controversy
  • They demand the government to take immediate action against the author

Aghoris reacted to the controversial author Kancha Ilaiah’s book Samajika Smugglarlu Komatollu (Vysyas are the Social Smugglers) which has already been under fire from different groups.

In a fresh assault, the Aghoris expressed their anguish that Ilaiah’s book was a fight against the Hindu dharma and they had to come out to express their disagreement over the book. In reply to Ilaiah’s question as to what Hinduism is producing, he said it is producing dharma.

Aghori Sansthan representative demanded the government to take necessary action against Ilaiah and punish him as his book is against Hindu Dharma.

He expressed his opinion that social vultures are in the form of intellectuals and professors. He said that it is not correct on the part of Ilaiah to degrade one religion since he was the one who said that he would work for the abolition of all religions.

He also said that Aghoris are not responding to his remarks against Paripurnananda Swamy or Vysya community but that they are responding to his degradation of Hindu society as a whole.

The 20-page book of political thinker and writer dubbed Vysyas, traditionally a trading community, as social smugglers. The book analysed the exploitation of oppressed castes in the 3,500-year history of the caste system.