Critics compare Amaravathi Construction to Rajinikanth’s film Arunachalam

First Published 25, Sep 2017, 4:48 PM IST
A satirical comparison of Amaravathi Construction to Rajinikanths film Arunachalam
  • Critics compare AP Capital city construction to Rajnikanth’s Arunachalam film.
  • In the film, Rajnikanth needs to spend Rs 30 crores in 30 days to win his inheritance of Rs 3,000 crores.
  • Similarly Amaravathi construction is estimated to spend Rs 10,000 crores per year and Rs 30,000 crores in 3 years.

According to CRDA (Capital Region Development Authority), the building of the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh Amaravathi requires a capital of Rs 58,000 crores, out of which Rs 30,000 crores is the estimated cost for the first three years.

The government has not started any work on the capital city, so it remains to be seen how it can spend Rs 10,000 crores per year. It would again be unwise to spend the money in a haphazard manner because that will give rise to scams.

The AP government has announced the construction of the foundation of the Capital city during Dasara this year. But the design of the capital city keeps changing on a day-to-day basis. Now the government has roped in ace director SS Rajamouli for finalising on the design. With his involvement, the foundation of the capital city may even be postponed.

The government has till now wasted two years on the design of the capital city and now it needs to complete the project within three years at an expense of Rs 30,000 crores.

This scenario reminded the critics of an old Rajnikanth film-Arunachalam and they satirically compare Amaravathi to Arunachalam.