Do you know about one of the darkest countries to live in? There’s no prize for guessing – of course, it is North Korea. Dictator Kim Jong-un has made life miserable for people living in his country. He even made a statue of his mother and forced people to worship her as their God. Kim Jong-un made North Korea humanly unliveable under his barbaric oppression and rules.


The sad state of North Korea is known to the world but what exactly is going inside can be portrayed who has experienced life in that hell. And it was one brave lady who managed to escape from North Korea, Yeonmi Park, resorted to a global platform, One Young World Summit, to share her horrific story and the condition the country is in.


What if we tell you that the internet, phone calls, books, music and any kind of entertainment are banned in North Korea? Don’t be stunned, because that is true and that is exactly what Park revealed at this summit while shedding tears. Park hopes that someday she would be able to go back to her homeland when everything will be alright.


The kinds of atrocities the people residing in North Korea are facing are beyond imagination. Park wants to expose North Korea and wants the rest of the world to take a serious note of this.


Check out the video here as Yeonmi Park shares her horrific experiences: