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UN expresses concern after U.S. plans inmate execution through ‘painful’ nitrogen gas method

The U.S. is all set to carry out an execution one of its kind in the last week of January. United Nations has already notified the United States against carrying out such an ‘inhumane ’ execution. The Nitrogen gas method will be used for the first time in the U.S. for an execution.

UN expresses concern after U.S. plans inmate execution through 'painful' nitrogen gas method avv
First Published Jan 3, 2024, 5:31 PM IST

The United Nations has sounded alarm bells after learning about a planned execution of an inmate in the U.S. USA is preparing execution through the nitrogen gas method which will be the first of its kind in the North American nation for a convict. UN's special rapporteurs have urged the U.S. authorities to stop the execution through the extremely ‘painful and cruel method’.

Kenneth Smith is likely to be executed through the nitrogen gas method on January 25th or 26th. The Alabama resident was convicted in the 1988 murder for hire death of Elizabeth Sennett in Jefferson County, Alabama. The authorities tried to carry out executions thrice in the past however, they failed to execute the execution. Previously, the authorities tried to execute the inmate through lethal injection drugs. 

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Kenneth Smith could see his fate sealed on January 25 or 26 as the court has already directed the timeframe for carrying out the execution. However, capital punishment will be carried out by using a face mask connected with a nitrogen cylinder. The nitrogen cylinder will be used to slowly deprive the inmate of oxygen. The said method is likely to cause a painful death to Kenneth Smith.

Despite criticisms from human rights groups, NGOs, and the UN itself, the state of Alabama is likely to carry out the execution with the Nitrogen gas method. Kenneth Smith's lawyer has already termed the planned execution as unconstitutional. The first nitrogen gas method execution is drawing attention from multiple corners of the world. U.S. despite its advocacy of human rights all around the world is finding newer ways to execute its nation’s inmates through unique methods which would otherwise be termed as ‘inhumane’.

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