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Iran to attack Israel? Video shows Imam Square water turns 'blood red' with Israeli insignia in middle (WATCH)

Iran has vowed to respond after a strike on its consulate building in Syria on Monday - which Israel was widely believed to be behind - killed 13 people, including a senior general.

Iran to attack Israel? Video shows Imam Square water turns 'blood red' with Israeli insignia in middle (WATCH) snt
First Published Apr 5, 2024, 4:24 PM IST

A startling video capturing the transformation of the water in Imam Square (Naqsh-e Jahan Square), Isfahan, Iran, into a blood-red hue, accompanied by the placement of an Israeli "Blue Star" insignia in its center, has swiftly gone viral across social media platforms. This surreal scene has elicited widespread speculation and raised alarm about potential underlying tensions and geopolitical implications in the region.

Iran has vowed to retaliate following a strike on its consulate building in Syria on Monday, resulting in the deaths of 13 individuals, including a senior general. While Israel is widely suspected to be behind the attack, tensions between the two nations have escalated significantly and the timing of this viral video only adds to the sense of unease and uncertainty.

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As the video continues to circulate online, reactions range from curiosity to anxiety, with many viewers questioning the symbolism behind the sudden transformation of the iconic square's water feature. The juxtaposition of the blood-red water and the Israeli insignia has ignited intense debate and conjecture about the motives behind this enigmatic act.

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Meanwhile, in response to potential missile or drone threats from Iran, Israel has enacted measures such as suspending leave for combat units and bolstering its air defense command.

The Israeli military is also considering reopening shelters in Tel Aviv as a precaution against a possible attack, according to Mehr News Agency.

“In accordance with the situational assessment, it has been decided that leave will be temporarily paused for all IDF (Israel Defense Forces) combat units. The IDF is at war and the deployment of forces is under continuous assessment according to requirements,” the military said in a statement.

Iran’s foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, had earlier said, “We consider this aggression to have violated all diplomatic norms and international treaties. Benjamin Netanyahu has completely lost his mental balance due to the successive failures in Gaza and his failure to achieve his Zionist goals.”

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Iran's ambassador to Syria, Hossein Akbari, has stated that Iran's retaliation to the strike will match the severity and intensity of the attack. Tehran's leadership has labeled the targeting of a diplomatic mission on Monday night as unprecedented and has vowed a stern response.

In response to the looming threat of Iranian retaliation, the IDF has also escalated its efforts in GPS jamming, resulting in disruptions to navigation services and affecting routine operations. This measure, aimed at thwarting guided missile attacks, has extended to critical areas such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The broader implementation of GPS jamming has sparked apprehensions regarding its potential impact on aviation safety and daily activities.

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