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'Exchange Kartarpur for J&K or create Khalistan, merge with Pakistan': Abdul Basit's shocker to Sikhs (WATCH)

Former Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit has incited widespread social media backlash by suggesting that Sikhs should create Khalistan and merge with Pakistan to gain control of their holy shrines, including Kartarpur Sahib.

Exchange Kartarpur for J&K or create Khalistan, merge with Pakistan Abdul Basit's shocker to Sikhs (WATCH) snt
First Published May 28, 2024, 3:15 PM IST

In what has sparked a massive outburst on social media platforms, former Pakistan High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit, recently made a startling proposal regarding the holy shrines of Sikhs in Pakistan, particularly Kartarpur Sahib. In a discussion on ABN News, Basit suggested that Sikhs can either get control over their holy shrines if Kartarpur corridor is sought in exchange for Jammu and Kashmir or create Khalistan and merge with Pakistan upon achieving freedom from India.

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"Sikhs in India believe that their holy shrines in Pakistan and Kartarpur Sahib should be part of India, that cannot happen now. Either someone comes up with a solution that we give India Kartarpur corridor and in return we get the entire Jammu and Kashmir... then we can think ahead. Another way is the Sikhs must keep their Khalistan movement alive. It has gained momentum of late and when they take freedom from India, they can become a part of Pakistan," Basit asserted during the discussion.

This brazen statement by Basit comes on the heels of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent remarks, where he asserted that had he been in power in 1971, he would have taken Kartarpur Sahib from Pakistan before freeing their troops.

During a rally in Patiala, Punjab, on May 23, Prime Minister Modi touched upon the sensitive topic of Kartarpur Sahib gurdwara, revered by Sikhs as the place where Guru Nanak Dev spent his final years. He attributed the country's Partition to the Congress, alleging they prioritized power over national unity.

The Partition left Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan's Punjab, just a few kilometres away from the border with India. "For 70 years, we could have a 'darshan' of the Kartarpur Sahib gurdwara only with binoculars," he said.

He mentioned that an opportunity arose in 1971 to reclaim the Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara when over 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to the Indian Army, giving India a significant advantage.

"Had Modi been there at that time, he would have taken Kartapur Sahib from them and then freed their troops," he had said.

"They (Congress) did not do that, but I did as much I could," the PM had added, referring to the opening of the Kartapur Sahib Corridor in 2019 that made it easier for Sikh pilgrims to travel to the shrine.

Basit's provocative comments has struck a chord of indignation among Indian netizens, who are expressing their anger and disbelief at what they perceive as an affront to religious sentiments and an attempt to manipulate sacred sites for political gain. Many also condemned the former Pakistan High Commissioner's disregard for the sanctity of Kartarpur Sahib and the religious feelings of millions of Sikhs worldwide.

Moreover, Basit's mention of the Khalistan movement has added fuel to the fire, with many condemning his attempt to revive a divisive and violent chapter in Sikh history for political ends.

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"Wish there was an end to such vicious mindset & people with such thoughts," wrote on irked Indian on X in response to the viral video.

Another user commented, "We are planning for your Sindh province, POK is our part. We need what we will snatch from divided Pak."

"We will draw International border beyond Shri Kartarpur Sahib Complex during next operations don't worry," replied a third user.

A fourth user remarked, "Their fetishes to break India out in open now. Irony is they might not have a country left before their fantasies could even make it to 1%."

Here's a look at some of the other comments in response to Basit's suggestion on how Sikhs can get control over their holy shrines in Pakistan:

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